Cool guy

August 3, 2011, by Carolyn


Caleb is…

July 17, 2011, by Carolyn

…on the fence about peas.

…doing things his way.

…a waterbaby.

…intrigued by most toys.

…growing hair! (Note the lone curl.)


A busy Spring

June 9, 2011, by Carolyn

We are long overdue for a Caleb update. It’s been an action-packed month and a half. Here’s a little of what’s been happening in our world…

We’ve had the sniffles. For a while it seemed we were sick every other week. Thank you, daycare. Everyone warned us, but we really had no idea. We’ve all been healthy for a couple weeks now (knock on wood).

Caleb started eating solids. Oatmeal, sweet potatoes, banana-nanas. It’s been fun. And messy.

Our first family road trip up to Bill’s Lake (Newaygo, MI). We’re looking forward to more long weekends at the cottage. I think the grandparents are, too.

Caleb’s first playground and big boy swing experience. We’ve come a long way.

We also celebrated Caleb’s christening last month. It was a very special day. This month we anticipate Caleb will pop some teeth. There’s been lots of drool, gnawing and random tantrums happening around these parts. In other medical news, Caleb’s hernia repair has been pushed back to his 1-year birthday. The hernia is unchanged and not causing discomfort. We’re happy to wait a bit longer.

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Caleb Cottontail

April 24, 2011, by Carolyn


Happy dance

April 16, 2011, by Carolyn

This past week was a big one. I went back to work and Caleb started daycare. Caleb seems to be handling the transition better than me. He was up and rearing to go his first day, 5:30 AM to be exact. I asked Kyle to drop him off for fear I might make a scene in the nursery and completely embarrass our son. They say it gets easier.

Some highlights from his week include lots of cuddle time, bouncy chairs, tummy time, story hour, and art projects. He is certainly impressing them with his ability to pass gas and soil diapers. We couldn’t help but chuckle when we read “blow out” on his daily report. That’s our boy. But what pleases us most? Caleb smiling when we pick him up at the end of the day [Insert: melting heart]. There’s nothing more rewarding.

Our new routine will prove challenging at times, but we’ll appreciate time spent together that much more. And we’ll continue to cherish all the little things, like Caleb’s happy dance. While there’s no denying Caleb is blessed with Kyle’s good looks, it seems he inherited my dance moves. Blessing or curse? You decide. Here’s a glimpse of him in action, as promised. Guaranteed to make you smile.



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