Hodges Happy

August 13, 2011, by Kyle

A close friend made a comment about how we handled the early days of this journey that has really stuck with me…Hodges Happy. In short, even when the situation or circumstances are daunting, we still manage to find perspective and remain optimistic about the eventual outcome. I frequently ask Caleb if he is Hodges Happy and more often than not his response comes in the form of a big smile, a chuckle, and then a little baby talk. Of course, I take this as an acknowledgement that he is indeed Hodges Happy. He demonstrates this in many ways and his teachers at daycare comment on how happy and easygoing he is everyday. Needless to say, hearing this and seeing Caleb’s continued progress is all Carolyn and I can ask for.

Here are a few updates on what’s transpired in the last month:

Orajel works to a certain point but not enough to get Caleb through the night. He has two teeth now but lost a bit of sleep along the way. He still woke up excited each morning after those long nights but also thought that Carolyn and I could take naps during the day as well to catch up on sleep.

We are averaging 3-4 doctor’s visits, screenings, and therapy sessions a month. We keep getting positive feedback on his clinical progress and his therapy sessions are are really helping with his motor development.

Wow, can the kid eat. It was a little over 7 months ago that we were worried about his ability to suck, swallow, and breath to eat by mouth. Now we can’t shovel the food in fast enough without him reaching out of his high chair for more. He has tried a pretty extensive list of fruits and vegetables, and today we started incorporating spices. Carolyn added some curry to his lentils and he didn’t spit it out.

He is fascinated by peek-a-boo, loves Pooh Bear, and can’t get enough of his exersaucer. I am thrilled that these activities get him so riled up but I can’t wait for him to start talking so we can fill our autumn Saturdays with discussions about college football. Until then, we are tickled to watch Caleb attempt to jump out of his exersaucer and play with Pooh Bear, as these are all little reminders that he is indeed Hodges Happy.


Happy dance

April 16, 2011, by Carolyn

This past week was a big one. I went back to work and Caleb started daycare. Caleb seems to be handling the transition better than me. He was up and rearing to go his first day, 5:30 AM to be exact. I asked Kyle to drop him off for fear I might make a scene in the nursery and completely embarrass our son. They say it gets easier.

Some highlights from his week include lots of cuddle time, bouncy chairs, tummy time, story hour, and art projects. He is certainly impressing them with his ability to pass gas and soil diapers. We couldn’t help but chuckle when we read “blow out” on his daily report. That’s our boy. But what pleases us most? Caleb smiling when we pick him up at the end of the day [Insert: melting heart]. There’s nothing more rewarding.

Our new routine will prove challenging at times, but we’ll appreciate time spent together that much more. And we’ll continue to cherish all the little things, like Caleb’s happy dance. While there’s no denying Caleb is blessed with Kyle’s good looks, it seems he inherited my dance moves. Blessing or curse? You decide. Here’s a glimpse of him in action, as promised. Guaranteed to make you smile.


Caleb’s finally home

January 28, 2011, by Kyle

45 days, 3 hours, and some odd minutes after his birth, Caleb is finally home. Everything I have tried to write to describe our emotions and feelings about the magnitude of this moment has failed to convey the message…write something, delete. Write something else, delete. And repeat.

Pause. Breathe. And then it really hits me that he is here. Tearful joy for his presence here, gratitude to all those who cared for him over the course of the last 45 days, appreciation for the experience and the subsequent impact on my perspective, and love for this child who has so graciously entered the world and changed me for the better.

Right, so we are home with Caleb and what do any first time parents ask themselves…so now what? Well, after a little feeding, diaper change, pick out some new threads to wear, two hour nap on my chest, another feeding, followed by another diaper change…oh that’s right, we have a swing that should entertain him….So here he is, swinging for the first time, and what I presume will not be the last.



December 30, 2010, by Carolyn

Caleb has a tendency to favor his left eye. Every so often we get a peak at the right one. We’re making bets on eye color if you want in. I’m holding out for blue.

As you can see, Caleb is a very active kid. He’s practically leaping out of his isolette. We know, we know. All in good time.



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