Birthday Boy

December 15, 2012, by Carolyn

Caleb is two! We had a really nice day, the three of us, one that both began and ended with cake (pancakes in the am) and candles.¬†Sandwiched between the sugar rushes was a “choo-choo” ride, play trains, Christmas lights, gingerbread houses, pizza, and, because no day is complete without it, a viewing of The Polar Express. We’re exhausted.

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The puffies

December 8, 2012, by Carolyn

In case you haven’t heard, Pooh has asthma. So, that’s Winnie the Pooh the Asthmatic, officially.

This is all part of our master plan to ease the puffies (or, for normal people who don’t use every opportunity presented to translate perfectly acceptable words into goofy baby jargon that ends in -ies, the inhaler) seamlessly into our morning and evening routines. I’d say it’s a less popular option than brushing his teeth, wearing socks, wearing diapers, showering (suddenly, out of the blue, Caleb is decidedly terrified of the shower), diaper changes, bedtime, eating broccoli, eating spinach, eating any vegetable that isn’t peas…

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A very (very) overdue post

November 23, 2012, by Carolyn

Trust me when I tell you I’ve had a post in the works for the past eleven or so months. Suffice it to say this blog (and heck, this one, too) has been collecting cobwebs (as have our ceiling fans and doorways, but that’s neither here nor there) for the past many months. And for no reason other than the very simple fact that we’re living life. Full on, no holds barred, living, with a rambunctious and feisty toddler towing the line (or rather, taking the helm and leading this ship in whichever direction he so chooses). But it occured to me, when I happened to pull up our blog to find an old photo, that while this space began as a means to update family and friends about Caleb’s health, it became so much more.

I found myself dissecting every post, willing myself to remember the moments and events we captured in words and photos, and the sentiments (fear, relief, joy) that were woven within them. I don’t want to necessarily remember the fearful moments, but I do want to remember that we came out on the other side. Hunkered down, allowed ourselves to be present in the horrific limbo, and celebrated the pull through. I’ve given the fearful memories permission to fade (and most have, into the black hole), but not the appreciation of the pull through and the many wonderful things, both big and small, that followed. To quote our ‘About’ page, this space is a public scrapbook of ins and outs, ups and downs, observations, celebrations and otherwise ordinary miscellany. And so it begins, again, because I want to do a better job at keeping tabs on the meaningful miscellaneous moments. As a favorite blogger writes, the days are long, but the years are short. As we embark on official two-dom (aka tantrumhood) it’s clearer than ever that these years will not slow down and wait for us. We’re doing our best to keep up, walking, jogging, sprinting, and lest the memories slip away like a “Look Who’s Two!” balloon into the clouds, I’m keeping virtual tabs.

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Happy Birthday, Caleb!

December 15, 2011, by Carolyn


Happy Halloween

October 31, 2011, by Carolyn



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