The puffies

December 8, 2012, by Carolyn

In case you haven’t heard, Pooh has asthma. So, that’s Winnie the Pooh the Asthmatic, officially.

This is all part of our master plan to ease the puffies (or, for normal people who don’t use every opportunity presented to translate perfectly acceptable words into goofy baby jargon that ends in -ies, the inhaler) seamlessly into our morning and evening routines. I’d say it’s a less popular option than brushing his teeth, wearing socks, wearing diapers, showering (suddenly, out of the blue, Caleb is decidedly terrified of the shower), diaper changes, bedtime, eating broccoli, eating spinach, eating any vegetable that isn’t peas…

It seems members of the Hodges household are being diagnosed with asthma in record numbers. Mr. Bear. Elmo. Daddy. Anyone Caleb can force between him and the inhaler to delay the inevitable.

Like everything else, it’s becoming routine. But don’t get me wrong. There are days I want to stomp my feet and and pout and chuck the inhaler across the room, as if I’m the one who actually has to shove a mask in my face and inhale.¬†And there have been moments, typically during the morning rush when everything is so much more challenging per the natural order of the world, when I’ve been unnecessarily stern and raised my voice. Ok, yelled. Loudly. Toddlers have a way of provoking this sort of behavior. CALEB, YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR PUFFIES! The neighbors hear all this, I’m convinced, wondering 1. Why I’m yelling so loudly at 7:30 am; and 2. Puffies? I digress. We’re gradually becoming accustomed to the inhaler.

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  1. Sara Wade

    December 9, 2012 at 8:23 am

    It gets better, I promise. I remember how overwhelmed I was when Parker was diagnosed with that scary word. By the time Presley was diagnosed, it was almost “old hat”. The chasing them down, the tears, the bribes…we’ve done it all to get the girls to use their inhalers. These days, they ask for it. Parker can even give her dose to herself! Brighter days are ahead!!! Thanks for sharing, the girls were delighted to see the pics of Caleb.

  2. Laurie Botsford

    December 10, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    It will just become habit. I remember when my folks began Charles asthma rituals. Eventually it just becomes “part of the deal”.

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